10 Porcelain Tags with your Logo

10 Porcelain Tags with your Logo

Handmade porcelain Tag with your logo

comes in case of 10 tags

how it works, once you place your order, please send me your logo via email best in black and white to wolfandclay@gmail.com. I will then organise to get the logo stamp custom made (takes about one week) . Once I receive the stamp I will start creating your Tags, that will take about one to two weeks.

please note when ordering for the first time, the custom logo stamp cost $25.20 + $9 for shipping (total $34.20). I will hold the stamp in my studio for future refill orders.

The Tags are available in 2 different options:

plain Porcelain tag ea $2 (case of 10 =$20)

with Black in Print ea $3 (case of 10 = $30)

if you already ordered your tags before please select the option refill so you won't get charged for the stamp again.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via wolfandclay@gmail.com