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Why Buy Handmade

Handcrafted products are unique. Imagine yourself wearing bold, beautiful jewellery, something to enhance the colour of your eyes or to compliment your favourite item of clothing. You feel confident and daring; modelling a piece to be remembered. Only, you discover too late, someone else wears the exact same piece. This is the trouble of mass-produced items.

The nature of handmade goods means no two the same, so even jewellery created with identical materials never sets the exact same way. Essentially, whatever you wear is as unique as you are. 

When you buy handmade, you are supporting a real person with real passion. You are supporting a more sustainable way of consuming, where smaller scale allows the artist to source renewable and environmentally friendly materials. This, in itself, creates more demand for those resources and pushes a positive cycle in consumerism.

You are also supporting creativity at its heart. Buying a product directly from the source gives the artist freedom to experiment, explore and evolve in their art. Creativity is a representation of a person’s individualism, vision, and efforts, and supporting their journey nourishes both their imagination and your local community.

Handcrafted products have a story. You can learn the origin of the piece, the source of the materials used to create what you wear, the history of the artist; their passions, goals, and dreams. Knowing this information grants a sense of authenticity not often found in mass produced items and offers the consumer a fuller experience of their purchase.


So support local, support creativity, and support small business. The world is already overflowing with products bought thoughtlessly and discarded quickly. Be original. Be brave. Buy handmade.

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