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Servus! Hallo!

Johanna at her ceramic market stand in Agnes Water 1770, with her white dog

I am Johanna,

Artist and Owner of Wolf and Clay

I handmake ceramic jewellery, crockery and homewares that honour the earth and the beauty it has to offer.

Appreciating nature and creating with my hands has been a passion since my Bavarian childhood, when I enthusiastically stocked the family bookcase with my precious, makeshift clay figurines. (It was a waddle of penguins – if you must know).

Now I share my love of creation and animals with personal shoppers and businesses in Australia and beyond. From unique handmade ceramic jewellery to workshops where you craft your own vessels, the family bookcase of ceramics now overflows from my home to yours.  

Johanna hugs a pony, with a large clay bowl in progress in the foreground
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Handmade in Australia, I personally design each piece in my studio. From cutting the clay, to the bisque, glaze and firing, all works are completed on our picturesque Mount Tom property.


By supporting Wolf and Clay, you know the items you have purchased have been ethically produced in small batches. Your purchases feature quality items, sure to be treasured for years to come. We are mindful in our choice of raw material suppliers, supporting local Australian businesses.

Boho Jewellery Business Artsist Johanna from Queensland laughing with her dogs
Two possums on Wolf and Clay's property near Agnes Water


One of the purest art forms, working with clay is quite literally shaping the earth in your hands. When you immerse your hands in clay, you connect with nature and your innate sense to sculpt takes over.


Returning to this childlike state of sensory play liberates and heals as you allow your mind to  into the endless possibilities of shape and form. While we enjoy this pleasure anytime we create, you too can appreciate the experience at one of our workshops.  


At Wolf and Clay, we believe in giving back to the earth more than we take. Our tiny home and studio harness solar power, and we use water tanks to support moving towards an off-grid lifestyle. Beyond this, we are consciously cultivating a self-sustainable food crop to provide for ourselves, as well as our animals. The big-picture vision is even larger, but for the time being we focus on living and operating Wolf and Clay as sustainably as possible.


To do this we work with nature and embrace the circadian rhythms as we go about our daily lives. Rather than buying new, we reuse and repurpose at any opportunity. After all, when we all give a little, it adds up to a lot. 

Ceramic wares created by students at a pottery class near Agnes Water
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