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Fill your home with scents that cleanse and calm. Our handmade ceramic incense holders are a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy the relaxing and mindful benefits of incense from a natural clay holder.

Available in different shapes and sizes to suit your home, our ceramic holders have been designed to hold the incense in a position to catch fallen ash.


If you’ve seen one of our designs but missed the chance to buy it let us know. We accept custom orders for one piece, or many.


We take sustainability seriously:

  • Our handmade clay homewares are ethically created in Mount Tom, QLD
  • We sustainably shape our pieces in small batches
  • Our products are made with clay and quality glazes (including real 22k gold lustre) to guarantee a stunning, lasting finish you can enjoy for years to come.


Once they’re fired in the kiln, our sustainable homewares transform from into strong, useful ceramic homewares you can enjoy all day.

Lightweight shipping, reducing our carbon footprint

Paired with natural incense, it’s a more environmentally friendly way to fragrance your space


Burning incense should be supervised for safety.

Hamsa - Ceramic Incense Burner Holder

  • We use quality materials to ensure sustainable and lasting products.

    • Our products are made from natural ceramic clay, fired, and glazed with various applications. The result is a ceramic incense holder: stunning, natural and durable.


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