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At Wolf and Clay, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by the wonder of nature every day. But we know it’s something that is harder for some to appreciate regularly. What better way to help you enjoy nature than to create clay vases, so you can appreciate the beauty of nature indoors!


Our unique vases are formed by hand from natural clay. When you choose handmade ceramic vases, you choose a product that embodies the creativity and imagination of humankind.


Add water to our vases for fresh flowers or add dried flowers to enjoy their splendour for longer.


We take sustainability seriously:

  • Our handmade clay vases are ethically created in Mount Tom, QLD
  • We sustainably shape our pieces in small batches
  • Our vases are made with natural clay and quality glazes to guarantee a stunning, lasting finish you can enjoy for years to come


Once they’re fired in the kiln, our sustainable homewares transform from into strong, reusable ceramic.

Stronger than glass vases

Environmentally friendly


Bring the outdoors indoors with a beautiful vase today.

Tiny Ceramic Vase

  • We use quality materials to ensure sustainable and lasting products.

    • Our products are made from natural ceramic and porcelain clay, fired, and glazed with various applications. The result is sturdy and durable.


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