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Pottery Wheel Hire

Have you attended our wheel throwing course or intensive and feel ready for some independent play?


Now you can hire a wheel, so that you can continue to grow your clay skills.


Want to try throwing some bowls, now that you’ve mastered mugs? Sure!

Whatever it is, you’re welcome to experiment and play.

You’ll have 4hrs wheel hire, to independently work on the wheels. Note: this is not a class, it’s time where you can use our equipment to practice your skills.


After you’ve finished, your clay creations will stay on-site to dry, because otherwise your hard work will be wasted. We’ll take care of bisque firing for you, then you can come back to glaze your pieces before glaze firing. If you decide you don’t want to glaze or fire your pieces, that’s ok too.


Important: please read the costs section to understand our pricing.

Book a wheely good time!

We'll be in touch in 1-2 business days

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